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Sports Premium

At Ellison Primary Academy, we recognise the contribution of PE to the health and well-being of our children. We believe that an innovative, varied PE curriculum and extra-curricular opportunities have a positive influence on the concentration, attitude and academic achievement of all our children.

Our Primary School Sport’s Funding will enable us to continue and extend our provision through employing additional sports professionals, entering into more competitive sports competitions and training our staff to deliver in-house quality PE sessions.


What is the Sports Premium?

The government is providing funding to provide new and substantial primary school/academy sport funding. The funding is being jointly provided by the Departments for Education, Health and Culture, Media and Sport, and will see money going directly to primary academy headteachers to spend on improving the quality of sport and PE for all their children. The money can only be spent on sport and PE provision in schools.

Recently the government have committed to funding the primary school Sports Premium up until 2020 - an investment worth £750 million.


Purpose of the funding

Academies have to spend the sport funding on improving their provision of PE and sport, but they have the freedom to choose how they do this.


Possible uses of the funding include:

  • Hiring specialist PE teachers or qualified sports coaches to work alongside primary teachers when teaching PE;
  • Paying for professional development opportunities in PE/sport;
  • Providing cover to release primary teachers for professional development in PE/sport;
  • Running sport competitions, or increasing participation in the school games;
  • Buying quality assured professional development modules or material for PE/sport;
  • Providing places for pupils on after school sport clubs.


Please click on the links below to see how the academy intends to utilise the Primary School's Sports Fund.

Please read the information below which gives details of our PE and Sport Premium Grant and how we allocate the funding.

Sports Premium Funding Spend 2023-2024

Sports Premium Funding Spend 2022-2023

Swimming Report


The Goal:

By the end of Key Stage 2 every child has met the minimum standard of water safety knowledge and swimming ability as stated in the national curriculum for physical education programme of study.

The Challenge:

Statutory guidance for the national curriculum for physical education programme of study in England states that:

All schools must provide swimming instruction either in key stage 1 or key stage 2. In particular, pupils should be taught to:

  1. swim competently, confidently and proficiently over a distance of at least 25 metres;

  2. use a range of strokes effectively;

  3. perform safe self-rescue in different water-based situations.

 (Information taken from Swim England website)

School report will be added July 2022 to update on current Y6 swimming attainment.

Societas Olympics Event


An inspirational message from local Olympian - Adam Burgess. 

Adam Burgess

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