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2022 - 2023

Year 1 Curriculum evening

2021 - 2022

We would like to wish you all a very Happy Easter and hope that you all have a lovely break! 


Mrs Reed and Miss Davies smiley



Class 1RD enjoyed their last Time For Sport session with Mr Toft. They had lots of fun playing dodge ball and showing off their throwing skills.

We had a special visit from Miss Ball. Class 1RD had made her a leaving card and wish her well with her new job! Ellison will miss her lots!

Class 1RD made amazing Easter bonnets, gardens and creations! Thank you so much for supporting these wonderful creations at home!

Year 1 took part in the Silly Museums drawing World Book Day event with Nick Sharratt. Take a look at how amazing their drawings are!

The children enjoyed our P.E lesson with Mr Toft. They demonstrated excellent throwing and catching skills and the sun was shining!

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Curriculum Evening PowerPoint


Welcome to Year 1RT!  laugh 

We are the Resilient Reindeers! 


Our page will be filled with all of the exciting things that we are learning in Year 1. As we continue through the year, keep an eye on our page for lots of photos of what we've been up to.

laugh Welcome to Year 1H!  laugh 

We are the Happy Hummingbirds! 

Our page will be filled with all of the exciting things that we are learning in Year 1. As we continue through the year, keep an eye on our page for lots of photos of what we've been up to.

Science Story with Miss Hargreaves

Miss Hargreaves reads all about tigers..

Summer term 2021

'The tiger who came to tea'

This half term we are exploring our new text 'The tiger who came to tea'. The children have really enjoyed meeting new characters and exploring their thoughts and feelings as we have spent the week immersing ourselves in our new text.

This week we have explored the text through unpunctuated sentences where the children have done a fantastic job of spotting where sentences need capital letters and full stops. Towards the end of the week we enjoyed 'finding out more about the characters' thoughts and feelings' through drama, finishing on Friday with a hot seating lesson. It was great to meet some of the characters from the story, the children had written fantastic questions for the characters. We're very glad the tiger that came to visit us was such a friendly, well mannered tiger.

Well done 1H :)

The tiger who came to tea - drama and hot seating

Hot Cross Bunny

As part of our Easter celebrations, Year 1 have been learning the song 'Hot Cross Bunny'. We hope that you enjoy the song. Happy Easter! :)


Hot Cross Bunny

Still image for this video

1H's Christmas Nativity

Thank you for watching. Have a lovely Christmas. Miss Hargreaves, Mrs Knight and Mr Clarke :)

Autumn 2 2020

This term we will be exploring two new texts: 'Lost and Found' and 'Beauty and the Beast'. Miss Hargreaves is really looking forward to another exciting half term. 

Autumn 1 2020

The children have had such a fantastic start to their Year 1 adventure and Autumn 1 has been lots of fun. So far we have explored the stories 'Here we are', 'Red Ted' and 'Owl Babies', explored numbers to 20 and started our new Science topic about humans and what we need to grow. We are having such a great time getting to know each other. We are definitely a class of happy hummingbirds! :) Keep an eye out for all of the fun we'll be having in Autumn 2!

Maths Mastery - 14.10.20

Our new maths learning objective this week is 'to solve one step problems involving addition and subtraction'.

This afternoon, Year 1 explored what it means for something to be 'whole', and what it means for something to be a 'part'.

We came to a class conclusion that...

"A whole is something that is not missing anything. It is complete."

"A part is where a whole object has been cut up and broken into different pieces."

The children explored whether the size of the object affected whether or not it could be a whole. We decided that it didn't.

What a fantastic afternoon! :) 




'Red Ted' drama -  23.09.20

Over this half term, Year 1 will be exploring the story 'Red Ted'. Today the children listened to the story and acted out what was happening. Here's what the children thought about our Drama lesson... 

"I enjoyed acting out the story."

"My favourite part was acting and being the little girl."

"I felt happy when I found Red Ted."

Well done 1H! J

'Red Ted' drama

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