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Welcome to Year 2

In Year 2 we have lots of exciting learning to explore and to share with you.

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Curriculum Evening 2022

Archived Information

Welcome to Year 2CL 'Clever Chameleons'



Summer I and II

Our concepts this term are perspective and interpretation.


We will explore the following key questions:

Would the Great Fire of London happen today?

Why is the Great Fire of London significant to us today? 

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Please find our new Summer I Homework Menu below with links for your child's learning. :)

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World Book Day 2022

Today in Year 2, we were very lucky to take part in a workshop with the illustrator Axel Scheffler who illustrates for authors of children's books from Britain, Germany and the Netherlands including Julia Donaldson and Paul Shipton. His workshop was all about celebrating fairy tales and animal stories. Axel drew a selection of fairytale friends and showed the children how to create different animal expressions, including characters from his new book Happy Bunnies, as well as The Three Little Pigs, the first in his new fairytale series. Then we were able to settle down for a lovely reading of one of his most famous stories with a fairy tale setting, Zog and the Flying Doctors (written by Julia Donaldson) and we saw him draw Zog, Sir Gadabout and Princess Pearl. It was fabulous! The children got to draw their own 'Happy Bunnies' and really enjoyed listening! What a fantastic treat for World Book Day!


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2CL Harvest

Enjoy our Harvest Celebration

Our Harvest songs and music

Year 2 Homework Menus 2021-2022


In Year 2 this Autumn Term, we are going to be learning all about Guy Fawkes and how the events of the Gunpowder plot are significant to our lives today.  We have lots of exciting activities planned, so please come back and see all of the photos of our learning.


Archived page from last Year 2020-2021

Our Summer II homework sheet with links.

Coding with a turtle and a Sprite on Scratch!

Today Year 2CL learnt all about how to create an algorithm (which is a sequence of commands) and how to debug it (by finding errors in a program that need to be changed so it works correctly.) We started by using Turtle Academy and then moved onto Scratch. We had a lot of fun!


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Year 2 Societas Olympics!

Today in Year 2 this afternoon, our class took part in five Olympic activities. We had shotput bean bag throwing, long distance running, sprinting, jumping and relay races. We all tried really hard and showed excellent teamwork. Well done 2CL! You are all champions!

Our Great Science Share!

Today in Year 2 we decided to chose our enquiry questions ourselves after watching Mrs. Carpenter. We predicted what we thought would happen, then she poured warm water onto some skittles on a plate. They made a rainbow pattern. We then decided what we would change and chose a 'What if' question to investigate. Some of us chose to use cold water, some decided to measure how long it took to change colour, some decided to measure the amount of water they used.  It was all very exciting! Then we thought about what we could do next....someone suggested changing the sweets to gummy bears or changing the liquid to milk!  What fabulous ideas!  

Science Stories with Mrs Carpenter

Mrs Carpenter reads a story about making things grow.

Drama with Freeze frames.

Today in Year 2, we started our new story 'The man whose Mother was a pirate' with some 'freeze frame' drama. The children had to say how their character felt, thought or what they might say in the different scenes of the story. It was a lot of fun!

Discovery Club

We have had a super start at Discovery club. Lots of slime and giggles. Just the way Mrs. Carpenter likes it.  Just look at the children's faces. Next week it is all about reactions of a different kind! laugh

Our Summer I Homework Menu laugh


Easter Poems

In our Easter Service several of our children read a poem to everyone in the meeting.  Here are the children. We are extremely proud of them and their beautiful reading.  Have a lovely Easter everyone! Stay safe and we will see you for more fabulous learning next term.  Love Mrs. C x :)

Spring Is Here

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Homework Menu Spring 2

Friends by Abbie Farwell Brown

Science Week 

In Year 2 this week, we have been very lucky to be able to take part in the Science Farm LIVE session about 'Which came first, the chicken or the egg?'.

We listened to an expert Deb, the founder of Eggucation and a rare breed chicken keeper, who explained where her eggs came from and how she cares for them. She explained how an incubator works and compared it with a hen. The children had the opportunity to watch an egg hatching and it was very exciting! We also met some older chicks and learnt how Deb cares for them at each stage of their life cycle. We even got to see inside an egg with a baby chick in it by using the technique of candling.  It was a fascinating insight into farm life.  We loved it!

World Book Day!

Today all of the children in school and at home looked amazing in their World Book Day costumes.

Here are some photos of the children in school. Thank you to all of our amazing parents and carers at school and home for helping to organise this as our children looked fabulous!

Continent Song.

Still image for this video
Here is a song to help you learn the 7 continents that has been suggested by one of our children. Have fun! :)

Remote learning for Year 2CL

Please find the learning for your child here that will accompany the Teams meetings every day and other documents that explain our learning.

Please stay safe.  Mrs. Carpenter and Mrs. Adams.


HFW spellings for Year 2

Our visitor!

Today in Year 2 we had a surprise visitor. He was waiting to introduce himself in our classroom to the children when they came in this morning. He had a nap and ate one of our cookies 🍪 but hopefully will soon settle down and not cause too much chaos! Tune in to see what else might happen with this mischievous elf! 🎅🏻 

On Tuesday 'Vinny' upset Mrs. Carpenter's visual timetable and put it all the opposite way round.  Today (Wednesday) she and the children were amazed by what they found when they came in!  
On Wednesday we found Vinny fishing on our fish tank. Bernard the fish was not impressed!  Vinny managed to catch himself a little bigger than Bernard though! At playtime the shark disappeared! The children decided he'd got away but might be back later, so we'd better watch out!
Friday morning Mrs. Carpenter and the children were very shocked to find that Vinny had made a den from the library books and drawn in our class story 'The Christmasaurus' !  The children were horrified.  Hopefully, he will start to behave next week! surprise

Better behaviour

This morning, Mrs. Carpenter and the children came in to find that Vinny has been working hard all weekend teaching some of the other toys how to make Christingles.  They looked wonderful and they were all ready for our assembly with Father Chris in the afternoon.  Hopefully this is the beginning of him being a very helpful elf!

Today when the children came in we found a tub of water filled with lots of different things:

There was a scarf, two eyes, a carrot and a bowler hat!  We had to think really hard to work out what had happened until one of the children suddenly realised Vinny had made a snowman and it had melted!    The only question is 'Where did the snow come from???'

Today when we came into class, we found Vinny had put up and decorated a Christmas tree for the classroom with lots of tinsel and lights on.  He was hanging on the top like the star!   He definitely had a lot of sparkle! Father Christmas would be very proud of him! 🎅🏻 

Goodbye from Vinny!

Today when the children came in, they were greeted with a letter from Vinny!  The children were sad to see him go, but he has gone back to the North Pole to help Santa prepare for Christmas Eve so they understood.  

Parents Curriculum Information
Autumn Assembly

Homework Menu Autumn I

Here is our homework menu for the first half of the Autumn Term. Please click on the links to take you to the websites for all of our learning.  Homework needs to be sent in by the 21st of October.   There is also a copy of the menu in each child's homework book. Thank you. smiley

Time4 Sport Activities

Mr. Kelter from Time4 Sport has given us the challenge to complete these activities for this Autumn Term.  There are lots of different activities to keep you active including Dance, Fitness or Yoga! Why not have a go?  You could even get your family to take part with you! laugh

Harvest songs for our Assembly

Here are the songs for our Harvest Assembly for the children to practice. If you click on the little sound icon you will be able to hear the music to go with the words too! Have fun!

Autumn in Year 2CL

In Year 2 this Autumn Term, we are going to be learning all about Guy Fawkes and how the events of the Gunpowder plot are significant to our lives today.  We have lots of exciting activities planned, so please come back and see all of the photos of our learning.


Over this term we are going to be exploring the traditional story ‘The Three Little Pigs’. So far this week, we have retold the story using puppets and thought of questions to ask the characters using hot seating. Here are some examples of our questions. You can see how hard the children have worked.  Well done 2CL!

National Poetry day.

For the last two days Year 2CL have been performing and reading the poem 'The Rythym of Life' by Michael Rosen. We thought carefully about why we liked or disliked it and gave reasons why.

Most of our class really enjoyed the pictures it painted in our heads and the actions we could use as we said it to our partners.  Well done 2CL!