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Class 6L

Year 6 Battle of the Bands

A TTRockstars Battle has been set. Between now and April 1st, support your class in taking Times Table victory. 6O won last time, however, I am sure we can beat them this time. 

Spring Term

Church Visit


Year 6 visited St Andrew's Church to explore how Christians take part in worship. The children explored the features of the church and listened to talks from Father Chris and Reverend Karen. They asked many thoughtful questions to deepen their understanding.  

Why is the Early Islamic Civilisation significant to our lives today?


This term we will be learning all about Early Islamic Civilisation with a focus on The Golden Age of Baghdad. We will explore the significance of this time period, the impact that it has had on our modern lives and deepen our understanding of world geography.


This links to our RE unit of study where we will explore how different faiths take part in worship and demonstrate their beliefs.

As You Like It


As You Like It is our Shakespeare play that we are focusing on this term. It is an exciting play, full of conflict, love and interesting settings.

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