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Physical Education

Physical Education Curriculum Statement 


Throughout our school we understand the importance of Physical Education and its impact upon a child’s physical, cognitive and social development. We also recognise that Physical Education is a driver for academic learning throughout the curriculum. The children at our school are encouraged to develop their knowledge, skills and attitudes towards Physical Education building a confidence and thirst for learning in a range of physical activities. Furthermore, we strive to embed a culture in which every child reaches their potential and leaves our school with a positive relationship to physical health, activity and personal wellbeing. 

Our curriculum nurtures each child’s confidence by offering a variety of skills and sports, whether this is as an individual, team, co-operative or competitive environment. Every child is given an opportunity to demonstrate a range of personal qualities including: perseverance, problem solving, safety awareness and communication with others. Together with P.E lessons, our vision is to promote a curriculum which provides chances for all pupils to participate in extra-curricular sports, clubs and competitions. Daily activities that enrich the pupil’s health and well-being also play a vital role in what our physical education curriculum has to offer. We aim to create active lessons across the curriculum, enhanced opportunities at break and lunchtimes as well as diverse extra-curricular activities are part of providing children with learning opportunities. 



At Ellison Primary Academy we ensure that there are high standards of teaching and learning throughout all areas of P.E. We implement a school-wide curriculum that is sequential and builds upon previous learning experiences. P.E is taught weekly focusing on the key areas of acquiring and developing skills, selecting and applying skills, tactics and compositional ideas, knowledge of fitness and health and evaluating and improving performance. The Key Stage 1 curriculum contains social and development games, gymnastics, dance, ball skills and exercise and fitness. The children are also introduced to the early stages of athletics and outdoor and adventurous activities.  In Key Stage 2, the children continue to apply and develop a broader range of skills and learn how and when to apply them in different situations. In lower KS2, children learn skills and tactics for a variety of games and begin to evaluate the success of them. New vocabulary is explained to support their learning and to allow the children to understand the key concepts of each lesson. Following on into upper KS2, the children apply taught strategies and make connections with more complex games, dance activities and gymnastics.  Children are encouraged to learn how to evaluate and comment on skills, techniques and ideas through observation and how this can help to improve their work and performances.  



The impact and indicator of our strong P.E curriculum is to ensure that all children are equipped and able to have accessed an exciting, skills-based curriculum, ready for their progression into Key Stage 3. Our children will develop positive attitudes to participation in physical activities, lead healthy lives and become role models for the future. Children will gradually develop a knowledge and enthusiasm for physical activity and understanding what it takes to succeed. They will have acquired and developed different skills through independent and group activities with increasing physical awareness. Children will be able to take learning experiences and apply them in different competitive situations showing core-social values including fairness, respect and teamwork. Pupils will also be encouraged to evaluate and share reasons on how to improve their own or others performances. The use of our school-wide assessment will enable a class teacher to build upon the previous year’s learning, and understand specific areas for each child to develop in and support will be given to the pupil to reach their goals. By having high expectations embedded throughout Ellison Primary Academy, children will leave our school having had access to excellent opportunities and become engaged, motivated learners.  

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