Developing Independent Learning in a Caring Environment

Class 2CL

Welcome to Year 2LC with Mrs. Line and Mrs. Carpenter.


We are very excited to start our time in Year Two!

In Year 2LC we have lots of exciting learning to explore and to share with you.

Please come and visit our page for all of our super learning! 

Our class rules and how to avoid spreading germs.

Today we worked hard to decide our class rules. We thought hard about how we need rules so that everyone feels safe and is happy in our class. We took photos to show how we should sit up smartly, be a good listener,  line up smartly and walk through school. We talked about what having  kind hands and feet looks like. We will use the photos to help remind us how to follow our rules. laugh


We discussed how germs can be spread easily and how we need to wash our hands after going to the toilet and to avoid touching our faces or mouths, as this will spread them very quickly. To highlight this we put our hands in green glitter and then checked how much there was at the end of the day. Some was in our hair and on our faces!