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The Ecoheads at Ellison also take on the role of 'Travel advisors'. As an Air Aware school we work closely with Air Awareness Staffordshire. The Ecoheads at Ellison demonstrate the following attributes:

           * Have an interest and passion for the world that they live in

           * Want to make a positive change and impact on our planet.

           * Be a champion of campaigns both within the school and local community

           * Attend and actively engage in Ecohead meetings held during the school day. 


Our Ecoheads

When the children first met they decided that they wanted a name that was unique and demonstrated what the committee was all about. They chose the name 'Ecoheads' as during meetings everyone 'puts their heads together' to think of the best actions that we can take to improve the environment that we live in.


Walk to School Month October 2022



Clean Air Day - Thursday 16th June 2022


Next Week is National Clean Air Day.

Useful fact:

Air Pollution dirties every organ in the body. Did you know that tiny particles from exhaust fumes can get into the blood stream affecting every part of the body from head to toe?
Why not give your car the day off next Thursday and try walking, cycling or scooting to school?
If you live too far away try parking and striding to keep pollution away from the school.



Give your car the day off this Thursday for Clean Air Day 2022.
Useful fact:

Did you know air pollution from exhaust fumes causes head to toe harm and children are most at risk as they are still developing?

Help protect your child from air pollution by ditching the car this Thursday and walk, cycle or scoot to school instead.


  1. Did you know by walking to school you can halve your exposure to air pollution even on the same route as taking the car.
  2. Dirty air gets trapped in the car and causes head to toe harm. Dirty Air carries tiny particles that can affect every organ in the human body. It can cause everything from asthma to much worse diseases.


Give your car the day off this Thursday and lower your and everyone else’s exposure to air pollution during the school run.

One small change can make a huge difference!



Air Awareness - March 2022

Useful Fact

Did you know that just by walking to school you will be reducing your exposure to air pollution?
Air pollution inside the vehicle is often double what someone walking the same route will be exposed to. This is because the polluted air gets trapped inside the car with no dispersal factors such as sunlight and wind.
You can improve that even more by walking quieter, less polluted routes that you could not take in the car such as footpaths and walking only routes. It is also a great way to help get your minimum requirement of daily exercise, making you even healthier.



National Clean Air Day

- Thursday 8th October 2020


click on image to see an animation about why it is important

Walk to school month

- October 2020



Week commencing 5th October we will be promoting a national campaign for walking to school. This year the theme is ‘Health and Well-being’ and the benefits that walking can bring for both physical and mental health which is so important during these unprecedented times.

We appreciate not everyone can walk all the way to school with some living too far away but you could always park a few streets away and walk the last bit of your journey. At the end of each week during October, each class shall conduct an audit to monitor how many children have walked to school. A certificate shall then be awarded to the class who has the most children walking to school.

Below are links to video animations to help promote the campaign.

The first one is about an imaginary journey to school through the jungle:

The second one talks about the benefits of walking for your health and the environment:

The final link talks about the benefit on Air Quality for walking something is important to us as part of the Air Quality Project you may wish to use and: