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Morning Snacks

Morning snacks are available to be purchased.  We have a number of items available at a very low cost:

Milk 20p

Toast 25p

Crumpets 30p


This can be paid via Parent Pay.  Please ensure that your account is in credit on Monday and the charge will be debited on a weekly basis.


If your child is unfortunately absent for over 3 days due to ill-health, we will reimburse the cost.  However, as food needs to be ordered in advance, we will unfortunately not be able to reimburse if the absence is less than three consecutive days. Thank you for your support and co-operation.

Food Brought in From Home


Any snacks that are brought from home will be restricted to fruit, vegetables or break snacks (non-sugary) unless recommended by a doctor on medical grounds (e.g. dietary need, diabetes etc.)


Please see information of Food Standard recommendations below.