Developing Independent Learning in a Caring Environment

Meet the Staff

Come and meet the staff at our school.

Leadership Team

Leadership Team 1 Mrs N Gibson (Headteacher)
Leadership Team 2 Mrs L Pateman (Deputy Headteacher)
Leadership Team 3 Mrs Jill Dawson (Assistant Headteacher)
Leadership Team 4 Mr I Sterio (Assistant Headteacher)
Leadership Team 5 Ms M Adams (Inclusion Leader)
Leadership Team 6 Mrs S Powell (Business and Facilities Manager)

Foundation Stage Team

Foundation Stage Team 1 Mrs J Adams (Foundation Stage Teacher)
Foundation Stage Team 2 Miss R Cartwright (Foundation Stage Teacher)
Foundation Stage Team 3 Mrs M Martin (Foundation Stage Teacher)
Foundation Stage Team 4 Mrs H Manser (Early Years Practitioner)
Foundation Stage Team 5 Mrs A Cartlidge (Early Years Practitioner)

Class Teachers

Class Teachers 1 Miss B Hargreaves (Year 1 Teacher)
Class Teachers 2 Mrs L Myatt (Year 1 Teacher)
Class Teachers 3 Mrs M Martin (Year 1 Teacher)
Class Teachers 4 Ms M Adams (Year 2 Teacher)
Class Teachers 5 Mrs J Carpenter (Year 2 Teacher)
Class Teachers 6 Mrs M Line (Year 2 Teacher)
Class Teachers 7 Mrs J Dawson (Year 3 Teacher)
Class Teachers 8 Mr A Lambert (Year 3 Teacher)
Class Teachers 9 Mr C Hulme (Year 4 Teacher)
Class Teachers 10 Mrs R Bennett (Year 4 Teacher)
Class Teachers 11 Mr I Sterio (Year 5 Teacher)
Class Teachers 12 Miss L Shuker (Year 5 Teacher)
Class Teachers 13 Miss S Lewis (Year 6 Teacher)
Class Teachers 14 Mrs J Oakley (Year 6 Teacher)
Class Teachers 15 Ms S Beleradji (Spanish Teacher)

Higher Level Teaching Assistants

Higher Level Teaching Assistants 1 Miss S Ball
Higher Level Teaching Assistants 2 Mrs E Rohrmann

Teaching Assistants

Teaching Assistants 1 Mrs F Kelsall - Teaching Assistant
Teaching Assistants 2 Mrs J Knight - Teaching Assistant
Teaching Assistants 3 Miss A Lowton - Teaching Assistant
Teaching Assistants 4 Miss V Webb - Teaching Assistant
Teaching Assistants 5 Mrs T Locker Teaching Assistant
Teaching Assistants 6 Mrs A Wanniarachchige - Teaching Assistant
Teaching Assistants 7 Mrs D Wood-Teaching Assistant
Teaching Assistants 8 Mr A Clarke - Teaching Assistant
Teaching Assistants 9 Miss L Mould - Apprentice Teaching Assistant
Teaching Assistants 10 Miss M Smallwood - Apprentice Teaching Assistant
Teaching Assistants 11 Mrs A Prince - Home School Link Worker

Office Staff

Office Staff 1 Mrs S Powell (Business and Facilities Manager)
Office Staff 2 Mrs D Wild (Office Services Manager)
Office Staff 3 Mrs S Corbett (Finance & Administration Assistant
Office Staff 4 Mrs R Rawlinson - Apprentice Clerical Assistant

Premises Staff

Premises Staff 1 Mr P Newton (Caretaker)
Premises Staff 2 Mrs L Newton (Janitor)
Premises Staff 3 Mr M Tunnicliffe (Part time Caretaker)

Kitchen Staff

Kitchen Staff 1 Mrs E Piper (Kitchen and Catering Manager)
Kitchen Staff 2 Mrs C Brammeld (Catering Assistant)
Kitchen Staff 3 Miss J Maddock (Catering Assistant)
Kitchen Staff 4 Ms J Hird (Catering Assistant)

Midday Supervisors

Midday Supervisors 1 Mrs S Capper - Lunchtime Supervisor
Midday Supervisors 2 Mrs S Chomczuk - Lunchtime Supervisor
Midday Supervisors 3 Mrs H Condliffe - Lunchtime Supervisor
Midday Supervisors 4 Mrs J Dixon (Senior Lunchtime Supervisor)
Midday Supervisors 5 Mrs D Dunn - Lunchtime Supervisor
Midday Supervisors 6 Mrs P Roberts - Lunchtime Supervisor
Midday Supervisors 7 Mrs A Hatton (casual) - Lunchtime Supervisor
Midday Supervisors 8 Mrs C Williams - Lunchtime Supervisor


Cleaners 1 Mrs C Williams (Senior Cleaner)
Cleaners 2 Mrs C Brammeld (Cleaner)
Cleaners 3 Miss K Dobson (Cleaner)
Cleaners 4 Miss J Maddock (Cleaner)
Cleaners 5 Mr A Haynes (Cleaner)