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Class 1MM



A big WELCOME from Mrs Myatt, Miss Ball and Mrs Martin! 


This is our very own webpage where you can find out all about what we are up to each term. We will post pictures, photos and activities so everyone can see all the things that we do in 1MM. 

Each term is very busy with lots of exciting learning. Take a look below to find out more.

If you have any ideas for this page please let us know!

Autumn Term


Our big question this term is:  

Ellison: How have the lives of the children at Ellison changed

in the past 100 years?

                                                              Text - Old Bear by Jane Hissey  


                                                                               click on the book to watch some of the stories


Text - Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers


click on the book to see the story


                                 Text - Prince and the Pauper

Spring Term


Our big question this term is:  

Josiah Wedgwood: How did he affect Staffordshire?


  Text - Peter Pan


                                                                 RSC Text - As you like it.       


Summer Term