Developing Independent Learning in a Caring Environment

Curriculum Overview

We are delighted with the range and variety of opportunities we offer as part of our curriculum.


Our curriculum is designed to be relevant and meaningful for all our children, while at the same time both stimulating and challenging them. Once we have excited children and have their attention we know that they will learn in all subjects and develop interests that can last for a long time.


To meet this aim we fill the curriculum with visits, visitors, wonderful resources and lively teaching. We promote British Values throughout the curriculum and help to nurture spiritual, moral, social and cultural development.

We aim to promote our pupil’s ‘cultural capital’ to ensure they are knowledgeable about a wide range of culture and comfortable discussing its value and merits, who through being given a vast array of experiences and access to skill development, will to be able to deploy appropriate knowledge in a given situation.


Various teaching approaches are adopted which include whole class, group and individual learning. We follow the national frameworks for Mathematics and English and these are woven into themes and topics studied. First-hand experience, practical, investigative and problem-solving work feature prominently.