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Class 5Sh

Welcome to Year 5


During this term we will be studying the Romans and how they impacted Britain while they were here. One of our Science investigations  during this term will be linked to air resistance and how it affects the movement of objects. The text that we will be reading this term is 'The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe', written by C. S. Lewis. Excitingly, we shall be visiting The  New Vic Theatre at the end of this term to see the story of The Prince and Pauper, written by Mark Twain. 


A visit to the British Ceramics Biennial Festival


We were invited to visit the British Ceramics Festival which took place at the Spode factory in Stoke on Trent. The children experienced a modern art exhibition which not only sparked their imagination but provided them with  an opportunity to see modern contemporary art for the first time. The children were given a private guided tour by one of the managers from the festival explaining the meaning behind several of the exhibitions and answering the children's questions about the artwork. The children then had chance to work with an artist who provided them with the opportunity to experience clay in a creative open way. Their task was to create a strong bridge, with many children showing their creative skills and doing this exceptionally well. They were also able to experiment with headphones, listening to the different sounds that different amounts of clay made when drop. The children thoroughly enjoyed this.