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School Council

Welcome to Ellison Primary Academy School Council

Our School Council plays a valuable role in academy life. It is the voice of the children in the academy. It is made up of 2 representatives per class, and is lead by Miss Hargreaves. The children put forward suggestions and help make decisions about all aspects of academy life. The School Council members meet twice a month, on a Friday afternoon to discuss their ideas and they also communicate them to the Link Governor representative who also attends their meetings, Mrs Ann Haycock.

We enjoy working hard to make Ellison an even better place to be!

We hope that you enjoy looking at what we've been up to!

The Student Council team!


How we became a School Councillor

At the beginning of the year, we had to elect two new School Council representatives per class, one boy, one girl.

The children who wanted to represent their class had to give reasons why they would make a good School councillor.

Here are some examples of the election process:


Year 1 child

"We told our class what we wanted to do if we were on the School Council and they voted and we were chosen."


Year 3 child

"We had to share with our class the reasons why we would make a good representative, and then the other children had a vote."


Year 6 child

"We told our reasons to the class and put our names in an envelope, the teacher then pulled two names out of the envelope."



The roles within our School Council

As part of our first meeting of the year, we to decide who will be the chairperson, and lead the meetings, and who will be the secretary, and take the minutes (notes) of the meeting.

We, as a Student Council, decided that the roles should be carried out by the Year 6 representatives.

Each Year 6 member of our Student Council explains to the Student Council why they would make a good chairperson/secretary, and then we vote democratically.

The result was as follows:


Chair person - to be elected.


Secretary - to be elected.