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Welcome to 6L

Welcome to 6L. We have had a fantastic start to the year already and are looking forward to all that Year 6 offers. This term we will be learning about Ancient Greece and considering how the Ancient Greek civilisation impacted our lives today. We will also be learning about light in science and exploring this in a number of ways. We look forward to sharing our learning with you.

Year 6 Curriculum Evening Information PowerPoint

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Welcome to Year 6O

Year 6 Standon Bowers

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Science Story with Mrs Oakley

Mrs Oakley reads some electrifying information about electricity.

Welcome to 6O


Year 6 have made a fantastic start to the new school year. We will use this page to share what they have been learning and resources that may be useful at home.


Our first curriculum unit is ‘The Ancient Greeks: How have they influenced our lives today.’ With concepts such as democracy, evidence and spatial interaction, it is a fascinating unit,
In science, we are also exploring light and how it helps us to see.

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