Developing Independent Learning in a Caring Environment

Science At Ellison Primary Academy

Our Vision For Science At Ellison Primary Academy


Science at Ellison feeds our children’s inquisitive questions with an insight into how and why things are as they are. It encourages them to explore concepts independently, taking risks and experimenting with their ideas.

Welcome to Science At Ellison Primary Academy 


This year at Ellison our Science Ambassadors have already been working hard reviewing books for the Royal Society Young People's Book Prize. We have had lots of intense discussions on the books so far and we intend to make videos about our views which we will begin to share next week.

Look what happens when Science Ambassadors pose for a photo!   

Our Science Ambassadors

Our Science Ambassadors are democratically elected to capture the learning during our scientific investigations. They also help children throughout the school recognise how science is an integral part of everyday life. Our Discovery Club is an additional opportunity where children can take part in additional scientific opportunities after school.




If you want to spend some time discovering all about different animals and birds of Prey come and visit Gentleshaw's Wildlife centre. Here you can see bats, raccoons, wild cats and even Saxon who is half dog and half wolf! There is a picnic area and a play area if you have any energy left.  You can also see flying exhibitions where birds of prey such as owls, falcons and hawks are flown.  It is an amazing opportunity to see these animals up close! 

Scientific Things To Do Over the Summer Holidays.

Science doesn't stop when school is closed so here are some ideas to keep you going over the six weeks holidays at the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester, Jodrell Bank Discovery Centre and Gentleshaws! If you do visit anywhere please let Mrs. Carpenter know so she can add your ideas to our list and we can share it on our webpage. smiley

Museum of Science Industry 

This Summer Holiday you can visit the museum to INVENT, SHAPE, CREATE

Join the team for a summer celebrating the Year of Engineering, where families can invent, shape and create their way through the holidays with daily free activities and shows.

And between  3 and 19 August, Power UP is back! Our annual ode to retro gaming makes a welcome return, bringing consoles new and old for two weeks of seriously pixelated fun. From casual players to hardcore gamers, Power UP 2018 invites everyone to exercise their thumbs and get their game faces back on.

Jodrell Bank

This holiday you could explore the life of a honey bee, make a spinning Jupiter and experiment with gravity using our large outdoor exhibits, learn about the Solar System as you make your way along the Planet Path or head out into the gardens and play on the Space playground! 

Operation Earth Activities

Every day, 28th July – 31st August
11:00 – 16:00

Join the Jodrell Bank team as they dive into the exciting world of environmental science.

Through fun and engaging hands-on activities, you’ll learn all about the current issues facing our planet and what you can do to help.

Activities are available on a drop-in basis and FREE with general admission. Suitable for all ages.

With over 35 acres of gardens and arboretum at Jodrell Bank, there’s plenty for you and your adults to explore!


New Science Ambassadors

This week our current Science Ambassadors gave up their lunchtimes to conduct interviews for the new Science Ambassadors for each class from Year 1 through to Year 5.  They took this very seriously as they were intent on making sure the new ambassadors were perfect for this very important role.  

They had lots of very eager and enthusiastic applicants who made their job of choosing very hard, but we now have our new ambassadors who we are very excited to have join our team at Ellison.

We would like to thank all the children who came to interview. We were delighted with the response to our interviews which demonstrates how much we love Science here at our school.  

STEM Week At Ellison Primary Academy

This year our STEM was interrupted by the snow but it didn't cool our enthusiasm for Science! 

We had lots of visitors and had lots of exciting lessons all built around the investigation of 'Rocket Mouse' who needed to get the moon via bottle power!

Every year group decided how they wanted to get Rocket mouse to travel by changing one variable from the force used, bottle size, angle of launch, weights and even wind resistance!  There were a lot of fantastic ideas shared and investigated where the children led the investigation and then thought of more questions that they wanted to find out about. Here are some photos of our learning.  The smiles say it all!

STEM Assembly

STEM Career Assembly

On Wednesday we had lots of visitors in to discuss their jobs and how they use Science every day.

Our visitors were Gilly and Bran from White Cross Vets, Mr. Newton (our caretaker), Mrs. Piper (who is in charge of cooking all of our delicious lunches) and one of our coaches from Stoke City.  They all shared how they use Science and why it is important for their job.  Our Science Ambassadors told us all about other people that we have met and know and how they use Science.  They did a fabulous job talking in front of the whole school.  There were lots of discussions afterwards about the jobs that we might want to consider in our futures as scientists in all sorts of areas of Science  which was really inspiring and promising!

Discovery Club


Our new discovery club has started with children from Key Stage 2 who have chosen lots of different experiments to conduct and explore.  Our first session involved making paper airplanes and how to adapt these to get the best smooth flights or to cause them to twist and turn in the air.  This week we are making slime so the children are very excited!  Watch out for the pictures could get messy!  frown

This week we used lemons to make an LED light work!  It took lots of hard work to set it up but we were really pleased (and Mrs. Carpenter was really relieved!) to get it to work. We also planted different seeds of peas, spinach and cress to see if we could grow these at home and bring our results in at the end of the term.
Royal Society Young People's Book Prize

This year our science ambassadors from Year 2-6 were given the opportunity to review six science books shortlisted for this year’s Royal Society Young People’s Book Prize. 

UK publishers submitted their best science books for under-14s to the 2017 Royal Society Young People’s Book Prize and an adult judging panel narrowed them down to the six best books. The prize celebrates the best books that communicate science to young people in an accessible, creative way and has been running for over 25 years. 

 The overall winner of the annual prize will be selected entirely by groups of young people across the UK and our ambassadors were  chosen to represent our school by taking part.

Our overall winner was 'Home Lab' by Robert Winston which won unanimously with a score of 19.5 out of 20!

Our Winner Home Lab

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100 Things to do in Space

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My little pebble.mp4

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My first book of animals

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If edited.mp4

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The Amazing Body Book

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Picture 1

Our WOW Science Assembly

On Friday 3rd February we were very lucky to have a visit from Tim Harrison who is a professor from the University of Bristol. He came to show us a multitude of experiments all about the different gases including nitrogen, hydrogen, carbon dioxide and helium.  He wowed us all with his knowledge and his experiments. The children thoroughly enjoyed the hour he spent with us! Thank you Tim! In the words of our children 'That was off the charts awesome!'

Stem Week

Our stem week took place from the 27th February until the 3rd of March. Here are some examples of our learning written by our Science Ambassadors to tell you all about our learning that week.