Developing Independent Learning in a Caring Environment

Year 5 - Mrs Dawson

Penalty Shoot Out!

Y5 Enterprise- Harry Potter Potion Drinks

Harry Potter Celebration Day

Summer- Eco focus on recycling

Summer - Ancient Egypt Homework Projects

Summer -Harry Potter Frogs

Summer - The Water Cycle experiment with Mr Hulme (SCITT Student)

Spring 2

Ellison Book Day

Planting potatoes in the Victorian Garden

Some of our Easter egg entries

Science- Changes (Dissolving)

Ice Balloon Sculptures (Science)

Pottermus Challenge -Media Suite and tour part 3

SCFC Pottermus Challenge at Bet 365 Stadium part 1

Primary Stars- S.C.F.C. Literacy Project with Carl Inskip

Science- Comparing the sizes of the Earth, Sun and Moon.

Julius Caesar drama workshops

Brampton Museum Trip

Chiidren in Need 2017

How many star jumps can you do in a minute?

Welcome to Y5D!

Can you run faster than Usain Bolt?

Drama- the children recreate the sleigh scene from 'The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe'.

Drama from Narnia!

Drama from Narnia!

NASA Challenge- Testing the 'Astronaut Egg Capsule'!