Developing Independent Learning in a Caring Environment

Year 4 – Mrs Carpenter

Welcome to Year 4C!


In Year 4 we have lots of different topics to learn about and discover new and exciting facts.

Our main topic at the moment is 'The Power of the Potteries' where we are learning about how children used to live many years ago and finding out about the local area, both historically and culturally. We will be looking at the development of the pottery industry and the way it changed the local area. We will discover more about famous people who have special links with the area and find out the impacts that they have had on the wider world. Later on in the spring term we will be visiting a local museum to experience primary historical sources. 


As a mini topic we are also going to be looking at 'The Tempest' by William Shakespeare where we will be researching different characters from the play, creating table top rod puppets by designing, making, evaluating and improving our initial ideas and using different techniques in drama to enhance and improve our writing skills. It's going to be exciting sharing all of our fabulous learning with you. Keep your eye out for more photo's of our super learning soon.  




Here you can see some examples of our learning for the Snow Queen. We really enjoyed our visit to the 'New Vic Theatre' and hope you enjoy looking at our photos as much as we enjoyed our learning.

Stem week

Our Stem week took place from the 28th February- 3rd March. We combined the subjects of Maths, Science and Design Technology throughout the week and had lots of fun while we did it. 

Year 4 visited Gladstone Pottery Museum today to look at some primary resources to tell us all about the past. We thoroughly enjoyed walking round the bottle kilns and learnt a lot about how life was like many years ago, especially for children in the 1800's. 
We also made our own roses using air dry clay. It was very tricky and we all agreed that 'piece work' must have been very hard to do as we learnt that the workers who were making the flowers had to make 1 flower every minute. This means they had to make 60 in an hour and during a shift of 7 hours would have to make 420 flowers!  Phew!