Developing Independent Learning in a Caring Environment

Year 4 - Mr Sterio


Welcome to Y4S!

Summer term

Gladstone Pottery Museum

During our first week back after the Easter holidays, we visited Gladstone Pottery Museum and were amazed by everything we saw.  We had two fabulous guides who took us around the museum and shared everything they knew about the factory with us.  We were taken through every stage of the pottery making process and learnt all about how children had to work in the industry during the Victorian era. It was a fantastic visit and we would love to go back again in the future.

Wind in the Willows


In our English lesson the children used drama to tell the chapter about Toad and his new craze which was a car!  We used the technique freeze frame to freeze during different scenes to say how each character felt, thought or what they might say.  We had lots of fun and many expression were used! Please enjoy these photos to show all of our hard work.

Making Sounds


During our Forest Schools lesson we made Pan Pipes so that we could investigate sound as well as pitch. It was a little bit noisey in the classroom but we had such fun making them.

The Water Cycle


This week we have learnt all about the different stages of the water cycle.  During our learning, we discussed new vocabulary such as evaporation, condensation, precipitation and collection.  We used our knowledge and learning to create our own water cycles in air tight plastic bags, observing and measuring them over time.  We really enjoyed making them, especially when some of the bags had small holes in them!

Clay Roses


Before we visited Gladstone Pottery Museum we applied our artistic skills in making clay roses or flowers.  We put alot of effort into making our flowers look realistic. We hope you enjoy looking at our pictures.


Spring term

To end our Julius Caesar learning we wrote Mark Antony's speech in our own words using lots of persuasive features. We then performed them to our class. We hope you enjoy our pictures as mush as we enjoyed performing our speeches!  

Puppets inspired by Julius Caesar !

This week we have made puppets of the different characters from Julius Caesar.  There are two different types of puppets that we made, rod or marionette. In Year 4 we are being kind to the environment, so all of our puppets are made from recyclable items from home. We enjoyed making the puppets and we discovered that designing, making and evaluating is an important part of D.T. process. We hope you enjoy our puppets.

Forest schools


In one of our Forest Schools lesson we did apple carving and dehydration! We left our carved apples in the classroom for a week and we were amazed when we looked at them. They had got smaller and the skin of the apple had become wrinkly. This happened because the water in the apple had evapourated.

Forest Schools shelter building


Autumn term

TT Rock Stars


Well children, you will be pleased to know that we have been chosen to take part in a free trial  of TT Rock Stars which will help you improve your recall of your times table facts. With a better recall of these table facts, your understanding and skills in maths will improve greatly! We have one month to try out the super interactive games. If you like it and your recall improves then the rest of the school can take part as well. Good luck and play as often as you can!

Dragon Presentation 1

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Dragon presentation 2

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Dragon presentation 3

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As part of our learning in Science Year 4 have learnt all about human teeth and also animal teeth. We invited in Bran and Gilly to tell us all about how dogs teeth are different to human teeth and how they need to be taken care of.  Gilly showed us some amazing pictures and Bran showed us how she got her teeth cleaned using sausage toothpaste which she loved!