Developing Independent Learning in a Caring Environment

Year 3 - Mrs Scarratt

Welcome to Y3S!

We have had a fantastic start to Year 3!


The children have worked really hard. Here are some of their favourite moments from this half term.


I like Topic because we are learning about the Stone Age.   (Emily)


We have enjoyed making a PowerPoint presentation about the Stone Age.   (Jessica and Chloe)


I have become lots better at maths. (Kai)



We have enjoyed reading and writing about Stone Age Boy in English.   (Caleb and Mario)


I have enjoyed extended writing because the handwriting hit has made my writing better.  (Amelia)


I liked writing about Stone Age Boy because we learned to describe.   (Gabriel)


I have enjoyed doing number lines in maths.   (Vinny)


Writing in our extended writing books was my favourite.   (Arjun)


PE was great because I enjoyed football.   (Lucas)





Treasure Island Topic Autumn 2

Spring 1

Our class had lots of fun using drama techniques to explore Shakespeare's Julius Caesar.
3S made some amazing Stone Age dwellings as a homework project.
We enjoyed learning about different major religions with Miss Broadgate.