Developing Independent Learning in a Caring Environment

Year 3 - Mrs Martin & Mrs Adams

Welcome to Y3MA!

Welcome to our 3MA page.

We will use this page to share our wonderful learning with you.

Summer 2

3MA enjoyed making games using Scratch

Spring 2

World Book Day 2018

We enjoyed making 'Rocket Mice' for Stem Week!

Spring 1


The children in 3MA would like to share some of their favourite moments so far in Year 3.


Evie: "I enjoyed learning all about pictograms in Maths".

Ruby: “I enjoyed the Christmas party day. Mrs Martin came in with her daughters".

Loui: "I enjoyed when we watched Treasure Island at the theatre".

Daniel: “I enjoyed learning all about the Stone Age Boy”.

Wow! What a fantastic day we have had! We took part in a live lesson.

We have enjoyed learning all about Julius Caesar. Here are some pictures from our debate over whether Caesar should be killed!


This half term, we have been learning all about the Stone Age. We have enjoyed sketching and shading Stone Age pictures in our topic work.



Our book that we have focused on this half term in English is called 'The Stone Age Boy'. We enjoyed writing our own versions of this story.


In Maths we have learned lots of different things. We especially enjoyed learning all about fractions and using blank number lines.


We used Scratch in our Computing lessons

We worked together in our Maths to solve problems

We made Christingles