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Year 3 - Mrs Line and Mrs Martin

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Mrs Martin and Mrs Line.


Summer Term

Stoke City Maths

Investigating Magnets

Stoke City Maths

Today in our Maths lesson we had Stoke City to teach us about time. We had lots of fun playing time games. One of the games, we pretended the playground was a big clock and needed to move to the correct times said by Mr Bent. The next game we played, we needed to work as a team to collect cones and read different times. 

Spring Term


In Spring Term we will be starting a brand new topic about the Romans. During this topic we will be learning all about Shakespeare's play 'Romeo and Juliet' as well as looking at Ted Hughes 'Iron Man'. Please have a look at our new Topic leaflet to see some of the learning that will be taking place.

Thank you for your continued support.

Mrs Martin and Mrs Line

What a treat for Year 3 today - We were invited to watch a music concert!

The music was amazing and we learned lots about the different musical instruments.

A lovely and exciting day in Year 3 today!

Today we went litter picking around Wolstanton. We enjoyed doing our bit for the community (eventhough it was rather chilly).

Today our class went outside to measure the perimeter of the red playground. We decided to use trundle wheels, rather than Mrs Martin's suggestion of a ruler! We then measured the number of clicks to see how many metres the length and width was. We then added those together to find out that the playground had a perimeter of 90 metres and we discussed why this would be important to know. We had lots of fun!

This week in Art we have been looking at mosaics and how these were used by rich Romans to make their homes look elegant.

This week in Guided Reading we have been learning about who different books are written for (who do we think the author's target audience is). We looked at the clues in the language, the illustrations and the front cover.

Mini Me Yoga

Performance Poetry Video

Still image for this video

Performance Poetry Video

Still image for this video

Romeo and Juliet

We had a wonderful time at the Key Stage 2 ball today. What a fantastic end to a fantastic topic! Thank you to Mrs Oakley for all her hard work with Romeo and Juliet and to Miss Webb for organising the ball. 

Time 4 Sport

3ML have really enjoyed their Time 4 Sport sessions. We have learned a lot about how to keep healthy and had lots of fun too. Some of us have already made some healthy changes to our lifestyle! Thank you Mr Kelter

Be Bright Be Seen Day

Well done to Archie who won a prize for his home made outfit!

Maths Using Place Value Counters

We enjoyed using the place value counters to solve multiplication questions in our Maths lesson.

Magic Crosses

Magic Crosses 

Today during Maths is Everywhere we solved the problem of magic crosses. Magic crosses are where the horizontal total is the same as the vertical total. We decided to use the numbers 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. We all worked very hard with our learning partners and found a lot of magic crosses! When we chose different numbers, Sam found out that if he changed the middle number only it would always be a magic cross. We really enjoyed our learning today!

Fantastic Mr Fox

To finish our English topic of Fantastic Mr Fox, we held a P4C session. The question we voted for was: Is it ok to give up if you feel like you don't have any other choice?

This discussion led us down many different paths, we even talked about different beliefs and linked themes from Fantastic Mr Fox to our own life experiences. 

We have really enjoyed learning all about Fantastic Mr Fox :) 

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Maths Lesson - Today we converted money from pounds and pence.

Today we had some visitors! We shared all our learning about the three different types of rocks with our parents. We had so much fun making rocks with chocolate.

Drama about Fantastic Mr Fox

We listened carefully and followed instructions

Our first day!

Our Classroom Rules!