Developing Independent Learning in a Caring Environment

Reception - Mrs Myatt & Mrs Drakeford

Welcome to RDM!

Welcome to RDM!


A big HELLO from Mrs Myatt, Mrs Manser and Mrs Drakeford we would like to invite you to share our excitement and hope that everyone has as much fun as we do!

Through fun and excitement we lay the foundations for our children to experience the joy of learning and become independent learners. Our environment provides a place where the children are able to extend their learning through challenge and investigation having the opportunity to work both indoors and outdoors.


This is our very own webpage where you can find out all about what we are up to each term. We will post pictures, photos and activities so everyone can see all the things that we do in Reception. We will also at times, add links and information for parents to keep you informed of events in Class.
Each term is very busy with lots of exciting activities planned. Look close to find out what we are up to!


If you have any ideas for this page please let us know!


SPRING 1 - Traditional Tales


What to look out for...

  • Foundation Stage Multisports — 3.15pm until 4.15pm (starts Friday 12th January 2018)
  • Foundation Stage Creative Dance Club — 3.15pm until 4.15pm (starts 15th January 2018)
  • Julius Caesar Promenade - date to be confirmed


This half term our story focus will be 'The gingerbread man'.


Please click on the link below and enjoy looking at the story, ask your child to tell you the story, they are an amazing story teller.

During the final part of the half term we will be learning about William Shakespeare and his play Julius Caesar.  Watch out for updates and we will look forward to seeing you at the Julius Caesar Promenade at the end of the half term! 


AUTUMN 2 - Let us celebrate!


Our story focus for this half term was Peace at last by Jill Murphy. The children have had great fun this half term acting out, retelling the story, and hot seating the various characters.

The half term began early as we looked at the festival of Harvest, we found out all about the meaning of the word and held our very own Harvest Tea. We invited parents into school to perform a number of Autumn songs and enjoy the wonderful autumnal biscuits, sandwiches and tablecloths that we had prepared.

Bonfire night celebrations were looked at and we talked about the smells, sounds and sights that we could see. During our dance sessions with Mrs Hitchen we listened to firework music and created different dances to expressive how the music made us feel.

Next we looked at birthdays, a celebration that all the children were familiar with and had lots of different experiences to share. The children then enjoyed setting up the home corner ready for a birthday party.

Finally we looked at the celebration of Christmas where the local church visited and helped us to make Christingle's and we talked about the different way people prepare and celebrate Christmas. This was concluded with our Christmas party and a special visitor!


AUTUMN 1 - All about me!


After a fantastic transition the children soon settled, new friends were made and the children quickly became familiar with the routines and expectations.

We started the term focusing on the book Elmer by David McKee.

The character of Elmer was further explored and we began to find out about ourselves. We found out about our families, where we live, our friends old and new, our pets and our likes and dislikes.  Children soon began to show there areas of interest as you can see below.

During the term the children learnt how to retell the story using words and actions and also related songs and dances.  To celebrate and draw together everything that we had learnt we held an Elmer day. The children dressed up in t-shirts and masks that they had created and we invited Year 1, staff and governors to join us for our Elmer showcase where we danced and sang about elephants before parading around the school and finally enjoying an elephant tea party