Developing Independent Learning in a Caring Environment

Year 3 - Mrs Carpenter

Welcome to Year 3

In Year 3 we have lots of exciting learning to explore and to share with you. Our Topic is the Stone Age so we will have been investigating lots of different facts about how people lived so many, many years ago and looking at rocks, soils and fossils to see why it is called the Stone Age! Our English text this Autumn Term is 'Fantastic Mr. Fox' so we have been writing in the style of the author Roald Dahl and exploring all the different ways we can make our writing creative with lots of different methods such as drama, exploring creative vocabulary and creating our own characters using similes and language from the text.

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Year Three Science Share

Today Year 3 invited in parents to share in our Science learning. We used chocolate to show how different rocks are formed. First we layered dark and white chocolate into a cup and pressed down to form sedimentary rock. Next we put the sedimentary rock into clingfilm and formed a sphere then rubbed it on the outside to form metamorphic rock.  Finally Mrs. Carpenter put the metamorphic rock into hot liquid (to represent a volcano) and we counted to 30 to form igneous rock.  It was lots of fun teaching our parents!   

The shovels drama!

Today we used drama to study how the different characters felt in our story Fantastic Mr. Fox. We thought carefully how the characters felt in each part of the story and used body language and expression to show this. We tried very hard to think, say and feel how the characters feel. Can you see this in our freeze frames? 

Drama with Fantastic Mr. Fox

 Today we used drama to express how the characters in the first three chapters of Fantastic Mr. Fox felt. We listened to each part of the story and worked in threes to show how the characters felt, said or what they were thinking. Everyone worked extremely hard.  Look at the expressions, they say it all!

Maths Reasoning with Money

Today we used reasoning to help us solve money problems. We used coins to help us solve the puzzle and really got involved. Some children found it tricky but because we never give up we all managed to solve the problem and some of us even went on to complete the challenge!

Year 3C Topic Leaflet Autumn Term

Our class rules

Our class rules 1

Our class thought very carefully about how rules make them feel safe and happy to be in school.

We thought of lots of rules that we could use but decided that we would have five main ones that we could all follow. We all signed our names to make a classroom contract to go on the wall in our classroom. 

Drama with the Rock Cycle.

Today we learnt all about the three types of rock and how they are formed using drama. Mrs. Carpenter read a story about a rock and we all acted out what happened to it using actions and a lot of expression. We enjoyed singing about the igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rocks as well! As you can see we had a lot of fun!

Using our listening skills to follow instructions correctly.