Developing Independent Learning in a Caring Environment

Year 1 – Miss Hargreaves

frown Welcome to Year 1H! 


Our page is filled with all of the exciting things that we are learning in Year 1. Have a look at our photos to see what we've been up to in 1H.


Our current topic is 'Changes' and we are using this as a stimulus for our Reading, Writing and Science tasks, as well as History and Geography.

The children are enjoying observing the changes across the seasons, and deciding upon a big question, stemmed from our understanding of seasons.

The question we will be investigating is 'How does the sun affect the weather?'


In English, we have enjoyed watching 'The wind in the willows' at the theatre, and we are enjoying exploring the characters in more detail.


In Maths we are focussing on...

Measure - 'Using non-standard measure to measure length and height'.

Number - 'To find a half and a quarter of a shape, number and quantity'.

Geometry - 'To recognise and name common 2D and 3D shapes'.


We are also really excited for all of the Christmassy activities we will be taking part in over the next two weeks!

Thank you for supporting us all and coming to see our Christmas production 'The Lucky Owl'. We really enjoyed sharing this with you.


We hope that you have as much fun looking through our pictures as we did creating them.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Miss Hargreaves


On the morning of Friday 14th December, children from 6S came to visit 1H to share all of the learning that they had been doing about the importance of friendship.

Here are some of the things that 1H had to say about what the Year 6s had shared...

"I enjoyed when the Year 6s told us about caring."

"I enjoyed looking at the pictures."

"I liked listening to the friendship stories."

"I liked the pictures with the smiley faces.”

“I liked reading some of the poems.”

We hope that you enjoy looking at the pictures! :) 


Year 6 sharing friendship stories and poems with us.

After our discussion about our 'Big Question', we decided to investigate the question 'How does the sun affect the seasons?' by exploring what would happen to ice in different seasons.


We put one bowl in the classroom, this would represent Spring.

We put one bowl by the radiator, this would represent Summer.

We put one bowl of ice outside, this would represent Winter.


We enjoyed predicting what we thought might happen and then exploring the results to see if we were right!



Our icy Science investigation!

Our first term in Year 1!

1H Topic Leaflet - Autumn 1 - Decades

1H Rules for talk